How to Read EPUB Books on Kindle

How to Read EPUB Books on Kindle

Do you own a Kindle but have an EPUB eBook you’re dying to read? Fear not! Converting EPUB books to a format compatible with your Kindle is a manageable task, and we’re here to guide you through it. In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, we’ll explore various methods to help you enjoy your EPUB books on your Kindle device. Let’s delve into the world of digital reading harmony!

Understanding EPUB and Kindle Formats

Before we embark on the conversion journey, it’s essential to comprehend the EPUB and Kindle formats. EPUB, short for Electronic Publication, is a widely used open-standard eBook format that is compatible with most e-readers except Kindle. On the other hand, Kindle devices primarily use the MOBI format, with newer versions supporting AZW files.

Utilizing Amazon’s Send-to-Kindle Service

Amazon provides a simple and convenient way to read EPUB books on your Kindle device through their “Send-to-Kindle” service. Visit Amazon’s “Manage Your Content and Devices” page. Select “Settings” and find your unique Kindle email address. Next, authorize the email address from which you’ll be sending the EPUB files.

Converting EPUB to MOBI Using Calibre

Calibre is a versatile eBook management tool that makes converting EPUB to MOBI a breeze. Begin by installing Calibre on your computer and opening the program. Click on “Add books” to import your EPUB file into the Calibre library. Once imported, select the EPUB file and click on “Convert books” to choose MOBI as the output format. Customize any settings if necessary and hit “OK” to initiate the conversion.

Leveraging Online Conversion Tools

Several online platforms offer free EPUB to MOBI conversion services. Websites like Zamzar, OnlineConvertFree, and Convertio provide user-friendly interfaces to convert EPUB files to Kindle-compatible MOBI format. Simply upload your EPUB file, select the desired output format (MOBI), and initiate the conversion. Download the converted file and transfer it to your Kindle device for an effortless reading experience.

Utilizing Kindle Previewer

Amazon’s Kindle Previewer is a versatile tool for authors and publishers to preview how their eBooks will appear on various Kindle devices. Download and install Kindle Previewer on your computer, then open the EPUB file within the tool. Kindle Previewer will automatically convert the EPUB file to a Kindle-compatible format. Review the eBook’s appearance and make any necessary adjustments to formatting.

Emailing EPUB to Kindle

An easy way to get your EPUB books onto your Kindle is by emailing them directly. Begin by visiting Amazon’s “Manage Your Content and Devices” page, select “Preferences,” and ensure that the email address you’ll be sending from is approved. Attach the EPUB file to an email and send it to your Kindle’s unique email address. Your EPUB eBook will be converted and delivered to your Kindle device.

Using Online eBook Converters

Numerous online eBook converter websites, such as OnlineConvertFree, provide the ability to transform EPUB files into the Kindle-compatible MOBI format. Simply upload your EPUB file, select MOBI as the desired output format, and start the conversion process. Once completed, download the converted MOBI file and transfer it to your Kindle for a seamless reading experience.

Employing Conversion Plugins for Calibre

Calibre also offers plugins that enhance its functionality for eBook conversion. Install plugins like KindleUnpack and EpubMerge to optimize the conversion of EPUB to MOBI. KindleUnpack helps in dissecting the EPUB file, while EpubMerge assists in combining multiple EPUB files into one MOBI eBook. These plugins are valuable additions for a smoother conversion process.

Converting EPUB to AZW Using KindleGen

KindleGen is a command-line tool provided by Amazon to convert EPUB files to the AZW format. Download KindleGen and run it with the appropriate commands to convert your EPUB file to AZW. Once converted, you can transfer the AZW file to your Kindle device via USB or email.


In conclusion, enjoying your favorite EPUB books on your Kindle device is achievable through various methods. Whether utilizing Amazon’s services, online converters, or Calibre plugins, you now have the knowledge to read your EPUB books on your Kindle device with ease.

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