this picture shows Epub to PDF Using Google chrome

How to Convert Epub to Pdf Using Google Chrome

Converting Epub to PDF using Google Chrome is a straightforward process that leverages the browser’s built-in capabilities. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly transform your electronic publications into a more widely compatible format.

this image shows Epub to PDF Using Google chrome
Epub to PDF Using Google chrome

Install a Reliable Epub Reader Extension

To begin the conversion process, install a reliable Epub reader extension from the Chrome Web Store. Popular choices include “Readium” or “EpubReader.” These extensions allow Chrome to open and display Epub files directly in the browser.

Download and Open Your Epub File

Open Google Chrome, navigate to the Epub file and drag it into a new Chrome tab. The Epub reader extension will automatically load and display the content.

Review and Adjust Formatting

Take a moment to review the formatting of your Epub content. Chrome’s Epub reader may slightly adjust the layout, fonts, or images. If necessary, use the extension’s settings to make adjustments and ensure that the content appears as intended.

Print as PDF

With the Epub content open in Chrome, press “Ctrl + P” (Windows/Linux) or “Cmd + P” (Mac) to open the Print dialogue. Under the “Destination” settings, choose “Save as PDF.”

Customize Print Settings

Before finalizing the conversion, customize the print settings to suit your preferences. Adjust options such as layout, paper size, and margins to ensure the PDF maintains the desired appearance. Click “Save” or “Print” to proceed.

Choose Destination and Save

After customizing the print settings, Chrome will prompt you to choose a destination to save the PDF file. Select a location on your computer and click “Save” to initiate the conversion process. Chrome will create a PDF version of your Epub file.

Verify the PDF Output

Open the saved PDF file to verify that the conversion was successful. Check for any discrepancies in formatting or layout. Chrome’s built-in conversion tool generally preserves the original design, but it’s essential to confirm the results.

Share or Store the PDF

The converted PDF file is now compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms.


  • Chrome’s built-in Epub reader and PDF conversion feature provides a quick and efficient solution, but it may not handle complex layouts as effectively as dedicated Epub readers.
  • Ensure that your Epub file doesn’t contain copyrighted material that may infringe on Chrome’s usage policies.

Benefits of Using Google Chrome

  • Accessibility: Chrome’s built-in features make the entire conversion process accessible without the need for additional software.
  • Integration: Chrome seamlessly integrates the conversion process into its user interface, enhancing user convenience.

Print Preview for Accuracy

  • Before finalizing the Epub to PDF conversion, utilize Chrome’s “Print Preview” feature. This allows you to see how the document will appear in the PDF format.

Font Rendering in PDF

  • Chrome’s rendering engine may slightly adjust font styles during the conversion process. If font consistency is crucial, consider selecting standard system fonts in the Epub file.

Chrome Developer Tools for Debugging

  • This can help identify and address any rendering or styling issues that may affect the PDF conversion.

File Size Optimization

  • Chrome’s PDF conversion includes options for optimizing file size. Explore these settings during the printing process to balance the quality of the PDF with a reasonable file size. Hence, this is particularly useful when sharing or storing the document online.

Interactive Elements in Epub

  • If your Epub file includes interactive elements such as hyperlinks or multimedia content, verify that these elements remain functional in the converted PDF. Chrome’s conversion process typically preserves links, but it’s essential to confirm their usability.

By following these steps, you can leverage Google Chrome’s native capabilities to convert Epub to PDF efficiently. This method provides a simple and accessible solution for users who prefer using the Chrome browser for their document conversion needs.

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