Amazon Kindle, one of the EPUB readers for children's books

Best EPUB Readers for Children’s Books

Are you looking for the best EPUB readers for children’s books? In this article, we’ll give you top options that enhance the reading experience for children. From interactive features to user-friendly interfaces, these EPUB readers are perfect for young readers. Let’s go into the details and find the right eBook reader for your child’s needs.

Top EPUB Readers for Children’s Books

1. Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle app is a versatile EPUB reader that works on most devices. It offers a vast library of children’s books, many of which include interactive elements and read-aloud features. The Kindle’s parental controls and adjustable font sizes make it a great choice for young readers.

Apple Books, one of the EPUB readers for children's books
EPUB Readers for Children’s Books

2. Apple Books

Apple Books is an excellent EPUB reader for children’s books, especially for those using iPads or iPhones. It provides a seamless reading experience with a beautiful interface. Apple Books also supports interactive books, which are perfect for engaging kids with animations and sound effects.

3. Kobo Books

Kobo Books is another fantastic option for EPUB readers. It offers a wide selection of children’s books, including many interactive titles. The Kobo app is user-friendly and allows parents to set reading goals for their children, making it an educational tool as well.

Features to Look for in EPUB Readers for Children’s Books

Interactive Elements

Look for EPUB readers that support interactive elements. These features can include animations, sound effects, and touch-based activities that make reading more engaging for children.

Read-Aloud Functionality

Many EPUB readers offer read-aloud functionality, where the app reads the book to the child. This feature is especially useful for younger kids who are still learning to read. It can also be a great way to keep children entertained during long car rides or bedtime routines.

Parental Controls

Parental controls are crucial for managing what content your child can access. Good EPUB readers for children’s books should allow parents to restrict access to certain books and set reading goals or limits.

Adjustable Text and Font Sizes

Young readers benefit from adjustable text and font sizes. This feature helps tailor the reading experience to their needs, ensuring that text is always easy to read.

Benefits of Using EPUB Readers for Children’s Books


EPUB readers are portable, allowing children to carry an entire library of books in one device. This portability makes it easy to take reading materials on trips, to school, or anywhere else.

Variety of Content

Using EPUB readers, children can access a wide variety of content, from classic fairy tales to modern interactive stories. This variety helps keep reading exciting and engaging.

Enhanced Learning

Many EPUB readers for children’s books include educational features, such as vocabulary builders and comprehension quizzes. These tools can help enhance your child’s learning experience and make reading both fun and educational.

Tips for Choosing the Right EPUB Reader for Your Child

Consider the Device Compatibility

Ensure that the EPUB reader you choose is compatible with the devices your child uses. Some readers work better on certain platforms, such as iOS or Android.

Check the Library

Look at the selection of children’s books available in the EPUB reader’s library. Make sure it has a variety of titles that will keep your child interested.

Read Reviews

Read reviews from other parents and educators to see which EPUB readers they recommend for children’s books. Reviews can provide valuable insights into the usability and features of different apps.


In conclusion, finding the best EPUB readers for children’s books involves considering various factors such as interactivity, read-aloud features, and parental controls. With the right EPUB reader, you can provide your child with a rich and engaging reading experience that fosters a love for books. Happy reading!

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